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One Degree of Scandalous
With Tom Zenner

Welcome To One Degree of Scandalous

There is an insatiable demand for details when it comes to the most high profile and salacious scandals, and luckily for us, celebrities, sports stars, politicians and pop culture personalities never stop delivering front page scandals on a silver platter.  


One Degree of Scandalous goes directly where we always go, to the sources of the scandals, and we deliver the incredible details in a way that’s never been done before;  directly from the mouth and memory of the people that were right there, smack dab in the middle of all the drama. 



For a special treat, the segments are hosted by a household name who was at the epicenter of one of the most scandalous scandals ever!

Where To Find One Degree of Scandalous:

  • Podcast on iTunes

  • Television Segments syndicated nationally



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One-Degree-Of-Scandalous-2 Oct - edited.