There are few things universally agreed upon, but two storylines almost everyone is interested in:

Getting the inside scoop on the lives and lifestyles of famous and rich celebrities.
Inspiring and aspirational human interest success stories on unsung heroes. 

This what One Degree of Glamorous is all about!

Behind every famous A-list actor, pop culture icon, sports star, rock star, rap star, news star and reality show star is one or several completely un-known, yet in-valuable partner/helper/assistant/service provider who play enormous roles in what is needed for the stars to shine bright.   Though these people are unknown outside of their immediate circle, all of them have incredible stories of how they got there and what their life is like.   Their backstories are more fascinating than the actual big time celebrity they work for, because in so many cases fate, luck, and total randomness has allowed them to attain this position. 

The explosively entertaining details of how these unknown people attained this position and what exactly they do, along with the aspirational elements of their journey is at the forefront of every story we share on our Podcast, Nationally Syndicated Television Segments and Books. 

One Degree of Glamorous shows that in the world of entertainment, anything is possible!  

Television Sports Anchor & Host:

  • NBC 5 Chicago

  • Fox 25 Boston

  • ABC 15 Phoenix

  • NBC 12 Phoenix

  • NBA

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  • KABC AM 790 Los Angeles

Content Creator:

  • Life Time Fitness

Magazine Feature Writer:

  • Maxim Magazine

  • Details Magazine

  • Ovation Magazine

  • Iconiclife.com


  • Author of over 40 commemorative sports championship books on NBA, NFL, MLB & Stanley Cup Champions

  • Produced book on the 2011 Royal Wedding for Access Hollywood

  • Published biography on NFL legend Jack Youngblood

  • Author of commemorative book on the career of Kobe Bryant

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