The World of One Degree
Presented by Tom Zenner

One Degree takes content connoisseurs into an exciting world of exclusive, privileged access. Simply put, viewers, listeners and readers are treated to an exciting and uplifting new world of story telling, as we peel back the curtain and take our audiences into the heart of:

Show Business
Epic Sports Moments
Celebrity Culture
Miraculous tales of surviving Disasters


We make this content, these stories, and this access come alive to a worldwide audience through five distinct brands:

One-Degree-Of-Glamorous-logo 2.png

On the fringe of the red carpet...

Just outside the velvet ropes...

In the Middle of All The Action!


Surviving was a miracle...

So is what happened next!


They helped re-write the record books, win championships and make sports history,,, without even breaking a sweat!


Millions, billions and the lucky few who make it, spend it and sometimes blow it!

One-Degree-Of-Scandalous-2 Oct - edited.

They were right there when everything went horribly wrong!

Here’s How The Content Is Delivered:



Podcasts for each individual brand produced weekly at KABC Radio in Los Angeles, featuring incredibly dynamic guests & story telling.

Television Content currently broadcast on multiple national television networks.

Our production partners include some of the most established names in entertainment, and creators of some of the most successful films, television shows and commercials in the world.

A Book Series launches in 2020.

There is an insatiable demand for quality content in the categories we cover. One Degree has unequaled access, story telling experience and strategic alliances with entities that guarantee an unlimited amount of entertaining, evergreen and revenue-driving content.